Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day Special

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Friday, April 18, 2014

No.7 - Miracle Taupe 05 - Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I m going to share with you No.7's Miracle Nail Polish Swatches and my Review on the same.

The name of the polish is Miracle Taupe 05...So the name itself is very exiting....Miracle is quite understandable word but i was wondering about's nothing but 'Top' meaning Miracle lies in Top coat...And what's the Miracle? Well well....So when you apply a top coat on it, it changes the color...Isn't that so exiting to see the transformation of one color into another. It was very exiting for me as i have never used such kind of Polishes.

This polish is a gift by my sister-in-law....and I am very thankful to her for such a wonderful nail polish gift...No.7 is a very famous product in UK and quite expensive can't think to buy any from  my own pocket...  ;-)

Initially I too wasn't aware of this Miracle of this polish, I simply applied it as my base coat like any other polish and drew some flower petals on it. But when I  tried to seal my art using top coat, it changed the color and turned the gold into a lovely coppery color,which was merged with the colors of flowers...i thought that either my base coat or my top coat is bleeding...but nope...when i searched for Miracle Taupe on Google, I came to know about it's original beauty.

So i removed the older version from my nails and applied it again to see the Miracle.

Between i just forgot to mention qualities a polish. It's a pigment rich color with a quick drying foil effect finish.I really recommend this varnish.

So here are the pics of my manicure before and after applying top coat on Miracle Taupe.

Before applying top coat :

After applying top coat. I have applied VOV's Glitter Top coat: 

Sorry the 'after' pics were taken after instantly removing older version and without cleaning nails properly so my cuticles aren't looking clean and skin is looking dry because of acetone.

Hope you liked the post. Do post your comment if you too liked this miracle!!!!

As always thank you for Visting and Reading. :-)

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