Monday, February 24, 2014

VOW Power Lasting Ultra Gloss : Dark Green Glitter Nail Polish

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Today I am going to show you VOW dark green Glitter Polish Swatches and my review on the same. Yes you heard it's not VOV but its such product found on net and no other information on bottle...VOV has covered a big market in India as an economic nail polish along with comparatively good quality. So looking towards the trend many brands has entered into the market. But so far as my experienced is concerned i haven't found anyone as good as VOV.

As far as my experience is concerned about the quality VOV is not less than few famous brands in market. It's having variety of colors and also you will get a choice in texture too....i.e. normal and Glitter ( ... :) .... :( ... ) (Well it's very sad that we can't find variety of textures like foreign market...and few famous international products available mostly on online stores is sometimes having very unrealistic cost. But still they haven't introduced all of their collection.)

This nail polish is good if you like lots of glitters. It's very glittery, containing lots of silver and very few holographic can wear this on your favorite green shade or on any other shade, or use 2-3 coats alone for a full coverage glitter effect. I have used three coats here. Apply top coat for one or two times to get smoother final effect. Here i have applied one coat. Sorry for not being able to capture glitters properly as using mobile camera.

Not Satisfied with the brush...not even and difficult to handle....liked the shape of a bottle.

I wore this color for a day and on another day decided to try some art on it. So here are the pics of the same.

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